Car Valeting Services


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Our service car valeting and detailing - choose you plan:

Road Valet (mini valet)

  • Jet wash the exterior applying traffic film remover
  • Clean wheels and wheel arches
  • Shampoo and leather the car exterior and door shuts
  • Vacuum all carpets & upholstery inc. boot area
  • Polish windows inside and out
  • Dress tyres


Road Valet & Wax

As Road valet plus :  wax polish all painted panels


Full Valet

As Road valet & wax plus:

  • Jet wash bonnet & boot shuts
  • Clean wheels and wheel arches
  • Remove all tar around the car
  • Shampoo or spot clean leather , carpets & upholstery
  • Treat bumpers & trim to enhance & protect
  • Paint work polished by hand with a high quality wax polish
  • Treat bumpers & trim to enhance & protect
  • Dress tyres


Clay  Bar Treatment

Clay along with a clay lubricant is used to remove paint contamination. Road grime tar, bugs, rust, tree sap and even paint over spray can be removed with a clay bar

Claying does not remove the clear coat of the paint but can cause marring or dullness if used incorrectly. When using a clay bar it is important to use sufficient lubrication.

Claying does not replace polishing. It is a process that should be used before polishing compound is used. Claying should be used once or twice a year.


Machine Polishing

The purpose of polishing is to remove contamination, swirls, scratches and other imperfections from the paint. In contrast to the clay, which removes contamination from the surface of the paint, polishes penetrate the clear coat or the paint itself on single stage paint. Polishes are classified based on how abrasive they are. Rubbing Compound will remove the heavy scratches and oxidation. It can be compared to a fine sandpaper. Polish is used to remove light oxidation and fine scratches. It can also be used to remove light imperfections such as swirl marks or water spots.


Paint correction


  • Jet wash & leather vehicle
  • Clean wheels and arches
  • Hand wash vehicle using car shampoo
  • Vehicle rinsed
  • Clay bar used to remove paintwork contamination
  • Using touch up paint supplied by the customer, we can fill such chips using artists   brushes and then level the fresh paint by careful wet sanding  before finally polishing out the resultant sanding haze and restoring a perfect finish.
  • 1-2-3 Stage machine polish to remove paint defects (swirls etc)
  • Apply paint sealant
  • Polish windows inside and out
  • Clean & polish all chrome and exhaust
  • Dress all exterior plastics
  • Clean and wax door shuts
  • Final inspection


Interior Detailing


  • Hand wash & leather vehicle
  • All interior surfaces are cleaned inc; boot area, door pads, dashboard,carpets & upholstery, seats, leather etc.
  • leather surfaces are fed(routine cleaning is recommended to aid in the longevity of your leather seats. A complete cleaning twice a year, followed by a conditioner and protectant, will maintain the finish and increase durability.


Leather treatment


Leather surfaces cleaned and protected with high quality leather products



Exterior valet


  • Hand wash & leather vehicle
  • Steam clean wheels, wheel trims, wheel arches and door shuts
  • Alloy wheels treated with non acidic alloy wheel cleaner
  • Paint work polished by hand with a high quality wax polish
  • Clean & redress plastic work & rubbers
  • Polish door shuts
  • Polish windows inside and out
  • Dress tyres



Scratch Removal

  • Jet wash & leather vehicle
  • Wet sanding over the scratched area
  • 1-2-3 Stage machine polish to remove paint defects (swirls etc)
  • Paint work polished by hand with a high quality wax polish
  • Final inspection


Showroom full valet



Serious about showing your car at concourses and car shows? This is the package for you.



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